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  1. Drinking Robot Project Final vol.1

    SAIC MFA Show Spring 2014
    Date2014.10.13 Byadmin Views21613 Votes0
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  2. Flower Cabinet vol.2

      I visited Buddhist temples many times. The architecture style of the most traditional temples turns into forms of nature. Every time I visited these places, I felt that they were antiquated in different ways compare...
    Date2014.01.07 Byadmin Views25499 Votes0
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  3. All Kinds of 3D printing

    This page is dedicated for 3D printing.  I love Afinia~~
    Date2013.12.12 Byadmin Views24001 Votes0
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  4. Marching Robot Project

    "Marching Robot Project" began with the North Korean scene. I wanted to work with robots to criticize what I saw on a TV show in Korea. The program involved parades glorifying military power with excessive, mechanistic displays of...
    Date2013.12.12 Byadmin Views26250 Votes0
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  5. Tank 2012

    Tank 2012 A military tank is main topic of my art works. I was fascinated by its appearance and movement. I would like to talk about the fact that the weapon has proportion(symmetry) and compactness in ...
    Date2013.11.29 Byadmin Views24858 Votes0
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  6. Table top

    I was interested to transform manual fabrication processing to digital fabrication. Hand carving sculpture, the shape is expressed after instant interaction between the carpenter and woods. Although, the result of the work of human is always...
    Date2013.11.20 Byadmin Views25203 Votes0
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  7. Drawing Machine

    The goal of an oriental painting is to express the essence of the object. The "Drawing machine project" is manipulating human behavior with a CNC machine. I choose some Gang Se-hwang(1713-1791)'s the Four Noble Ones, four plants(orc...
    Date2013.11.19 Byadmin Views26449 Votes0
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  8. Smoking Gun Project

    Smoking Gun Project Most weapons have a beautiful appearance beyond the ability to kill. From this approach, I wanted to represent the conflict ion between beauty and death. "Smoking Gun" shoots smoke from real cigarette. This ma...
    Date2013.09.30 Byadmin Views47439 Votes0
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